Board of Directors

OMRS has a Board of Directors comprised of persons from area churches who establish policy and offer support. Board members are selected locally and approved by Mennonite Services Northwest, an alliance of Mennonite affiliated health service providers of which OMRS is a member.

Rod Gerig – Rod was invited to join the OMRS Board after staff observed the compassionate way in which he related to the residents while doing contracted work in our group homes.  He is a woodworker and lives near Lebanon.  Rod joined the Board in 2008.

Kathy Howell – Kathy enjoys bringing people together to facilitate communication and problem solve.  She has worked in higher education for several years and just recently retired from Oregon State University.  She is involved with a variety of musical groups.

Jerry Stutzman –  Jerry brings to the Board a background in management and service.  He spent 15 years in overseas missions, and has owned his own business.  Currently he is employed by the city of Salem.  Hobbies include birding, kayaking, and making musical instruments.

Darren Stauffer – Darren works in special education with the Albany School system.  He has participated in overseas service, and he and his wife hope to have additional opportunities for such service in the future.

Debbie Pauls is an RN who works for Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.  For the past several years, her focus has been on health education.  Other community involvement includes coaching soccer and softball, and working as a volunteer nurse at a Free community health clinic.  She and her husband live in Dallas and have two adult children.

Doug Troyer is a journeyman plumber.   He enjoys sports and camping and is very involved in his church and his community.   He and his wife have two children.  Doug brings a helpful perspective as the brother of an individual with an intellectual and developmental disability who lives in an OMRS group home.

Judy Stutzman is retired after working 26 years at an Albany elementary school.  She is very involved at her church and enjoys other volunteer activities.  During the appropriate seasons, you will find her and her husband at their grandsons’ sporting events and at OSU women’s basketball games.

Jann Horner worked many years as a partner in a Sweet Home CPA firm.  She comments that God’s blessings have been plentiful, and she wants to give back.  In addition to joining the OMRS Board, she is active in her church and in a variety of community services organizations.