Exceptional Care

OMRS staff teaches residents daily livings skills while helping each person achieve the highest quality of life by being as independent as possible while maintaining their mental and physical health as well as assuring residents are safe and well cared for. Through education, assistive technology, the availability of vocational or alternative to work programs and advocacy, we support them at every stage of life. Daily living skills include meal preparation, laundry, housecleaning, money management, appropriate social interactions as well as their own personal care. Some residents are not able to do these things for themselves and in those cases our staff provides the assistance necessary to accomplish these tasks successfully.

Our homes provide exceptional care in part due to the staff-to-resident ratio which includes providing one on one staffing when necessary. Residents benefitĀ from well-trained staff and a home-like atmosphere. OMRS is always aspiring to provide opportunities for our residents to achieve their full potential, exercise their independence and enjoy an enhanced quality of life to the fullest.